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Club History:  Dr. Charles Hartloff, the first president of our club, was born on Friday the 13th, and he felt that the 13th was the most wonderful day in the monthly calendar, and when it falls on a Friday, it only adds to the real value of the day. Bish Thompson, a former member of our club, was an International Vice President. He was a longtime member of the club and a writer for the Evansville Press." He wrote a daily article for the paper and hosted a five-minute radio show. Bish wrote a book, "Of Dreams and Deeds",which is required reading for Optimist member participating in the "Personal Growth and Involvement"(PGI) program.  Each year, our club presents the  When Camp Carson was built in Princeton, Indiana, the Downtown Optimist Club supported them with money to help with building one cabin.  We again donated money to build a new cabin, Aztec.  The construction was completed in 2015.  Over the years, we have supported the Camp with gifts of furniture, boats, and money. Each year, we have a meeting at the Camp to be with the kids who we help sponsor and are unable to pay the Camps tuition.
                                   We celebrated our 96th Anniversary on May 13, 2017 We are 96 years old and still going and growing strong.  We have sponsored several clubs throughout our 96 year history including the Evansville Westside and Eastside Clubs and a club in Santa Claus, Indiana and most recently, the University of Southern Indiana college club comprised of students.   We are now planning for our 100th anniversary in 2021. Watch for more details in the months ahead. Our club was Chartered on Friday, May 13,1921 and was the second club chartered in Indiana and the 15th in the world. There were eighty-six charter members. Our club is a member of Optimist International, a worldwide organization, whose purpose is to serve the youth in our communitys.  Currently, we have approximately 50 members. We are members of the Indiana South District which is associated with Optimist International.  What differentiates Optimist Clubs from any other volunteer opportunity is simple -- OPTIMISM.  Optimists take their upbeat approach and work every day to make a difference for themselves. and for the people around them. Optimists are people who believe that through positive action in their communities they can create a better tomorrow.   Our Mission Statement:   By providing hope and positive vision, Optimists bring out the best in kids. Our Vision Statement:  Optimist International will be recognized worldwide as the premier volunteer organization that values all children and helps them develop to their full potential.
  Program for:     April 25 - cMoe  May 9 - 911 Gives Hope, Dave Weiss
Banner in front of the new cabin, Aztec, we purchased for Camp Carson
Members tour the new cabin our club purchased. (L) Mark Scoular, Ron Eberhart, Jeff Olson, Ken Dennis, Gary Burk, and Don Julian
“Optimist Clubs bring out the best in youth, our communities,                    and ourselves - right here, right now!”  
John Perkins, President presented, our program portion of the meeting with a review of the book, “Of Dreams and  Deeds”  – the  history,  birth  and  growth  of  Optimist  International.    The start  of  Optimism dates back  to  the  1700’s  with  Sir  Richard  Steele.  ..  the  initial  key  point  was  no sour  folks allowed.  Hmmm, that’s worth pondering.   Unification happened in 1915 in Buffalo, NY with the attempt to bring all clubs together.  The Youth Appreciation Week began in the 1950’s with President Nixon naming the week following November 8th as Youth Appreciation Week.  The international office was built in Indianapolis.  The presentation went through several decades.  John is willing to share his slide show in the event you missed this presentation.  John, very nice recap of the history of Optimists. The meeting closed at 1:05.  See you in two weeks for CMOE. Optimistically, Karen Morris, Newsletter Writer Barb Bias with  Wearhouse God is Good was our speaker for our Wednesday, March 14th meeting.  They work with schools to help cloth children who are in need to new or gently used clothing    
Food, Fun, Fellowship...and... We Help Kids!!!!  Come Join US!!!! The Downtown Optimist Club of Evansville Indiana , Inc.,                                                           
Our Youth Appreciation Breakfast celebrated on November 8, 2017.